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4 kitchen color schemes to try with stainless steel appliances

by:Topson     2020-06-17
When it comes to stainless steel appliances, it is undeniable that they look greatwhite kitchen (
Could be any change in gray).
But if you\'re going through the process of redecorating your space, these color schemes are also very . . . . . . Safety.
Hell, you just picked the shiny new stainless steel GE appliance
Let\'s make sure they\'re really popular, shall we?
Here you may never have thought of trying four color combinations to highlight these new appliances perfectly.
As we all know, bluecolorway is becoming a trend in the kitchen, which is well justified: they add depth and size when using clear white and other neutral tones.
To perform this palette, Please paint your cabinet into Navy
This is a great way to make your stainless steel really shine.
Stick to the white countertop and decorate the room in a place like high-with scorched sienna
Even your hardwood floors.
We liked the kitchen tiles very much.
Whether you use them as a floor or a tailgate, the color changes are subtle and you won\'t get tired of them in a few years.
Not to mention, they will be generous over time.
Watch it with blue
Using a gray cabinet in stainless steel you will get a Pinterest-worthy kitchen.
Don\'t worry, ladies and gentlemen.
We do not recommend that you paint the cabinets yellow.
Instead, choose a safer greige.
Next, play mix-
Metal trends on cabinets and installation of gold hardware. (
The dull finished product will complement stainless steel instead of conflict with stainless steel. )
Then draw a set of wooden dining chairs, or spread an oriental carpet with a sun tone to give you a little yellow color.
When you think about the color of lavender, you don\'t usually think it\'s bold.
But when we talk about using it in your kitchen . . . . . . Well, this is another story.
The key is to use less.
For example, just paint the lavender Island in your kitchen.
Wood and stainless steel are then used as a side-by-side for male and female color palettes.
We love the idea of keeping the countertop White and adding woodenbarstoolsfor to the neutral finish.
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