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Approval Shop Drawing & Fabrication Drawing


1.Shop drawing, material sample and site mock up should be approved by client before start fabrication;

2. Engineer will contact with site team to final measurement and prepare the fabrication drawing following the site measurement when the site is ready.

3. Prepare the work order and handover to workshop


CNC Cutting ,welding & polishing in work shop


1.Cutting and Edge Preparation

Calculate the length of materials and cutting them following the fabrication drawing;

After cutting the materials, the dimensional inspection shall be done by QA/QC Inspector and should be recorded.



Fit-up assembly shall be carried out as per the Fabrication drawing.

The pipes and sheets shall be full welded by argon welding and be done as per approved WPS by a qualified welder.

Check the dimension of each cut pieces to ensure that the dimensions are matched with the shop drawings prior to assembly and make quality record for this checking.

Welding procedures and welders shall be qualified as per Project Specifications and relevant codes, prior to start of the welding.

Ensure that the edges are free from dirt, rust, oil, grease, paint etc.

Welding shall be done as per approved WPS and by qualified welder. Pre heating and welding consumable shall be checked before starting of welding.



After Welding, the grinding shall be done by polishing wheel;

After Grinding, Polishing shall be done by Nylon wheel to 2K Finish

Passivation of welding.


Final Inspection for finished product


After the polishing, the final product shall be inspected and approved by QA/QC Inspector.


Visual Inspection – This section includes items for the inspector to check visually as they hold or walk around the product.


Functional Testing – The items included in this section involve physically using or manipulating the product to ensure that it works properly.

Physical Requirements – This is the section that covers making sure that product dimensions match specifications, the product weight is correct, and so on.


Special Tests – Based on the unique attributes of your product, you can create tests that are unique to it.


Package & Labeling – These sections include items such as having clear and legible shipping marks, ensuring labels are printed correctly, and verifying that your packages are not physically damaged in any way.


Package and shipping


Metal Products  packing specifications for all customers. it can also create custom shipping tags and labels to meet various customer specifications.

Marking identification prior package and shipping shall be in accordance with that specified in documented procedure.


shipping access is arranged in accordance with approved practices. Availability of loading/unloading equipment is determined. Transporting of signage is arranged using the most appropriate method. Every attempt shall be made to ensure that the method used for delivery of the products is most efficient and safe.


Metal Products  are appropriately protected and packed securely for transport. Products shall be effectively secured and protected during transportation and necessary documentation tally with delivery requirements as specified in documented procedure.


Installation & Hand over


Before we start fixing at site, Topson should be contact with site engineer to make sure the site can be fixed (the stone cladding should be finished), electrical power, water and scaffold is ready (if need) and there is no other people working at the related area.

• Transport the material to site and inform client to inspection the material;

• Safety induction for the fixing team;

• Prepare the electrical power and make sure it’s safe;

• Put the metal Products at the correct location and mark the location;

• Fix the baseplate to the concrete with sleeves with countersunk bolt.;

Final Inspection

When the agreed packages of work are complete, the project Engineer shall instigate a review of the QC Records, associated with the Work, prior to handing over to the Client

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