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Customized Fabrication Service

With the fast growing construction market and the more innovative global architectural decoration market, standardized products have become increasingly unable to meet customer requirements and current market demands, so more metal customized fabrication companies(custom metal works&stainless steel sheets manufacturers) are already forming and starting to develop markets. Compared with them, we have


★ Strong Engineer Team

★ Full Modern fabrication facilities

★ Experienced Project Management


Topson invites all our clients to realize their vision with our mission. We are proud to present ourselves as one of the leading and innovative metal fabricators who with effective collaboration, relationships, and tools.


Topson,Make The Trust, Deliver The Amazing.


Customised metal works and stainless steel products are everywhere. Stainless steel has many valuable properties which makes it suitable for diverse uses.

It has high strength, corrosion resistant and excellent durability against chemicals and acids.

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