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How to identify inferior stainless steel sheets?


Want to use a long time of stainless steel sheets, we first have to learn how to distinguish the pros and cons of stainless steel sheets. Because the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel sheets will directly determine the length of the service life of stainless steel pipe, know how to avoid buying inferior stainless steel sheets, will reduce the loss of an enterprise. Here are some discrimination methods:

Identify inferior stainless steel sheets

1. longitudinal cracks

The longitudinal crack is the longitudinal crack that appears on the surface of the ingot. Generally, it appears at the top and the corners. The longitudinal crack at the top will be deeper.

2. transverse crack

The phenomenon of transverse crack is relatively easy to understand, that is, the surface of the stainless steel sheets transverse crack, generally in the ingot period will occur transverse crack phenomenon, but most are shallow depth.

3. scar

When it comes to the upper part of the stainless steel sheets industry welding pipe or the corners of those places may appear longitudinal crack, then in the lower area sometimes there will be shell skin makeup or tumor makeup of metal splashing, looks like a layer of scar, so called scar. But this kind of problem is actually very rare.

4. Surface pores

Stomata this is also very good to understand, that is, in the surface of the stainless steel sheets can be seen with the naked eye a lot of small holes, these pores are very shallow, like transverse cracks.

5.shrinkage cavity

Shrink cavity is the stainless steel sheets state in the mold when the shrinkage, sometimes because of environmental factors and affected, such as air, temperature and so on to form some shrinkage cavity, with a professional perspective of words called shrinkage cavity.

Warm prompt, in the purchase of stainless steel sheets when we choose in accordance with the above method to choose, you can choose to relatively high quality stainless steel sheets, here to remind everyone to remember not to be greedy for small cheap and miss the event, thus increasing the unnecessary loss of enterprises.

stainless steel sheets

How to use and maintain the stainless steel sheets correctly?

1. avoid cutting iron spark in the welding process, avoid friction with iron.

2. be careful of cement, lime, oil residue and other debris pollution, avoid contact with acid goods.

3. with Shuangfei powder or cloth for cleaning, avoid using sewage and dishwashing liquid.

With the rapid development of stainless steel sheets industry, color stainless steel sheets began to popularize in home decoration engineering. In the early use of color stainless steel sheets and pipe, because of its unique surface has a strong metallic texture of dazzling color and excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in high-end hotels, KTV and other decoration projects. However, color stainless steel sheets because of its surface color film with irreversible characteristics, construction operation is not very easy to cause irreparable damage. Therefore, to introduce the stainless steel sheets processing points and matters needing attention.

Stainless steel sheets processing points and matters needing attention

First of all, if you want to shear bending molding processing of color stainless steel sheets, such as baseboard, door frame packaging edge molding production, then purchase color stainless steel sheets, please be sure to communicate with the manufacturer, must be required to stick more than 6C protective film, in order to avoid cutting, throwing slot, bending process on the surface of the scratch.

Secondly, color stainless steel sheets welding, welding around the area will fade, should try to avoid welding, can be fixed with screws, as far as possible to use screws, must be welded, should be as far as possible in the back, dark and other places can not see welding, welding should be used spot welding. If it must be welded on the front or in an obvious place, the solder joint should be small. Do not polish after welding. After welding, the oil painting stick with similar color should be foamed to cover up. If the workpiece is relatively small, and the requirements of Party A are very good, you can use natural stainless steel sheets welding, polishing and polishing, and then coloring processing.

Finally, after the construction should be removed as soon as possible to keep the stainless steel sheets film, to avoid degumming, if there is a slight degumming phenomenon, can be wiped with alcohol or acetone to remove, if the degumming is more serious, you can use water days.

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