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Aman hospital ON GOING PROJECT


This is a project under construction in a hospital in Qatar. We focus on stainless steel surface treatment and metal surface innovation. We strictly follow the customer's design. According to the design plan, we use stainless steel curtain wall to customize, 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate rose gold with Anti- fingerprints Surface treatment, special embossing treatment. Inside it's stainless steel skeleton to match the original shape of the curtain wall, professional full welding, grinding and polishing of the professional processing technical methods, showing a unique stainless steel art. Let's look forward to the effect after completion...


Stainless steel column cladding : The project adopts rose gold NO.4 +sand brushed surface treatment.  In order to meet the production speed and product quality, we strictly control the quality of the products. We are also equipped with laser machines, cutting machines, and bending machines, spot welding machine, color plating furnace and other equipment, we have a professional polishing and grinding team, a professional quality inspection department, to achieve self-production and self-inspection, to ensure that the best quality is delivered to our customers.

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