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What is stainless steel corrugated sheet?

by:Topson     2022-08-31

Stainless steel corrugated sheet has long been popular in the decoration industry and various products. Because stainless steel has the advantages of corrosion resistance, durability, safety, environmental protection, fire resistance, machinability, surface polishing, etc., through stamping, the pattern is stamped on the stainless steel plate to form a water corrugated plate, and its stereoscopic vision is immediately presented to us. Therefore, stainless steel corrugated sheets are used for large-area ceilings in many occasions. Displays, facades, decorative walls, etc. can use stainless steel corrugated sheets.

There are many stainless steel corrugated sheet materials, such as ordinary 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, etc. 304L stainless steel is suitable for coastal areas. Due to the high air humidity and salinity in coastal areas, the stainless steel water corrugated plate is made of 304 stainless steel, which will rust after a few years. 304L stainless steel is a derivative of 304 stainless steel and can be adapted to the unique climate of coastal areas.

Stainless steel corrugated sheet is durable, strong decorative effect, easy to clean, maintenance free, scratch resistant and fingerprint free. The unevenness of the stainless steel water corrugated sheet creates an unparalleled three-dimensional effect and obvious visual effect. The stainless steel plate first grinds the mirror surface, and then presses the water ripple. The bump position will produce a bright effect. The concave position maintains the matte color of the stainless steel plate itself. The convex position has a mirror effect and can also be electroplated.

Stainless steel corrugated board can be customized with various patterns: millet, pearl rice, pearl board, refined corrugated board, small square pattern, diamond square pattern, antique square pattern, leather pattern, woven pattern, twill pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, ice bamboo pattern, frosted board , Cube, Free Pattern, Stone Pattern Board, Butterfly Love Flower, Bamboo Pattern, Small Diamond, Big Ellipse, Panda Pattern, European Pattern, Yuanbao, Linen Pattern, Big Water Drop, Mosaic, Wood Grain, Wanzihua, Wanfu Linmen, Ruyi Cloud, checkered pattern, colorful pattern, colorful circle pattern, fish scale pattern, fine mesh pattern, heart pattern, etc.

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