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Kitting out a kitchen

by:Topson     2020-06-24
Calgary food expert Julie Van Rosendahl heads to the recipe company chef to pick out some of the key items needed to set up a new kitchen or help someone equip the kitchen.
A practical cooking space does not require a lot of gadgets.
In addition to the pot bowl pans basin, here are some solid tools that cover the basics and are well used in the coming years.
A high-quality baking tray is not only critical for cookies, but also for grilled vegetables, oven fries and a baking tray meal.
Half without coating
The lip plate will last for decades and will be very useful in the kitchen.
Nordicware bak\'s half order, $26. 95.
A pair of plain stainless steel will be the most practical tool in your kitchen for moving food in the oven or grill, flipping things over the stove and throwing a salad. 12-
$12 inch heavy clamp. 50.
Cast iron frying well-
An experienced cast iron frying pan can cook everything from stove to oven to back, from roast chicken to free
Pie formation, or even omelette, will only increase with age.
Fully seasoned with heat and fat, wipe with a paper towel after use. 12-
Inch cabin cast iron, $62. 95. Heat-
Proven spatula they are new wooden spoons, sturdy and durable, perfect for scraping the bottom of a mixing bowl or pan while stirring.
They can also easily fold under the omelette or turn it out from the pan.
Brands, sizes and prices vary.
A cutting board is needed in the kitchen-
It\'s better not to twist, can be cleaned and heat resistant, so it can double when the hot dish comes out of the oven.
If it has a groove on the edge, it captures any drops of water from sliced barbecue or juicy fruits and vegetables. 17. 5 by 13-
Wood fiber cutting board, $66. 95 (
Lifetime Warranty). Enamel-
Invest in a heavy cast iron if you want to splurgeduty enamel-
Such as Le Creuset or Staub coated cast iron pan or baking pan.
It can go from the stove to the oven and can last a lifetime of stews, braised dishes, stews, soups and almost anything else you can think.
Oval cocoon, 5. 75 liters, $364. 95.
OK, solid stainless steel, it will last forever. 12-
French whip, $11. 25; 14-inch $20. 95.
The sturdy mixing bowl can be used for everything from the batsman to the salad toss, and a nice bowl can even be moved from the kitchen to the table.
In a forest bowl, $59. 95.
Instead of having to go through years of parchment paper, Silpat Baking mation uses a silicone Baking pad to arrange the Baking pan, easily release the cookies and protect your pan from too much cleaning
After baking vegetables and other things that you would like to bake or bake in the oven.
Half, $49. 95;
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