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Installation steps of 316L stainless steel pipe

by:Topson     2022-06-02
Installation steps of 3016L stainless steel pipe Due to its many advantages, 316L stainless steel pipe has also become a very popular material on the market. Today, the author will tell you in detail about the installation technology of 316l stainless steel pipe. 1. Design according to factors such as trench soil quality, groundwater, slotted section, load conditions, etc. It is required to be firm and reliable, to prevent landslides, and support must not hinder the downpipe and stabilized pipe. 2. A buttress shall be provided at the turn of the T-joint pipeline in the vertical or horizontal direction. The size of the buttress should be determined by calculation according to factors such as pipe diameter, rotation angle, and working pressure. 3. After the pipeline is installed and the pressure test is qualified, it is best to rinse with low chloride ion water and disinfect with 0.03% potassium permanganate. 4. The external anti-corrosion coating of stainless steel should be galvanized and epoxy asphalt coating or coatings with higher requirements according to the soil conditions of the pipe laying site. 5. As long as it is a stainless steel wire connected by a socket, a buttress must be designed by calculation. 6. When transporting drinking water, the pipeline should not pass through the poison-contaminated area, and protective measures should be taken if it needs to pass through.
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