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Will the colored stainless steel plate corrode in daily use?

by:Topson     2022-08-12

The main environmental corrosion of color stainless steel plate is atmospheric corrosion. Atmospheric Corrosion In humid environments, the corrosion rate is mainly controlled by the cathode process. When the water film on the metal surface is very thin or the climate is dry, the corrosion rate of the stainless steel plate becomes slower, and the corrosion rate is mainly controlled by the anodic polarization process.

How to prevent atmospheric corrosion is of great significance to the application of color stainless steel plates. First, atmospheric corrosion is the electrochemical corrosion process of metals under the surface water film. This water film is essentially an electrolyte water film, which is formed when water vapor in the air is adsorbed and condensed on the metal surface in the air with very dry relative humidity to dissolve the pollutants in the air. The cathode of electrochemical corrosion is the process of oxygen depolarization, and the anode is the process of metal corrosion.

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