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Will the color stainless steel screen change color after using it for a long time?

by:Topson     2022-08-10

When we apply color stainless steel screens, there will be a problem that confuses people, that is, whether color stainless steel screens will fade. Generally speaking, color stainless steel screens are not easy to fade. Today I will talk about the many reasons for the fading of stainless steel color screen partitions.

1. The natural environment of commodity application

In fact, the restroom is one of the key venues for testing the properties of a material. The foundation of the bathroom cabinet in the shower room is all made of materials with good corrosion resistance, so the stainless steel decorative panel has become the first choice of many people. Although the stainless steel decorative plate has to undergo a series of surface treatment to improve its corrosion resistance, all materials are placed in a dark and cold natural environment. If the maintenance is insufficient, they will be oxidized later.

Stainless steel titanium plate

2. The strength of the manufacturer

Everyone knows that 201 stainless steel is very easy to cause rust, but the price of 304 stainless steel is much higher than that of 201 stainless steel. Therefore, some poor manufacturers will try to fish in the water and choose 201 stainless steel to carry out fine polishing processing technology to dress up as 304 stainless steel. Even in the whole process of the electroplating process, in order to save costs, the electroplating process time is greatly shortened, resulting in unstable coating, and product quality problems such as color fading are very likely to occur.

The excellent production process is not easy to fade, and the key to the problem of fading is related to the stainless steel screen material and the vacuum plating process. Rose gold is a prevalent shade in vacuum pump electroplating. Titanium coating can be divided into different processing technology. The titanium galvanizing plant that cooperates with Xiao Craftsman is a very responsible processing plant. People have a fixed business outsourcing color galvanizing plant. It is stipulated that the time for placing the screen partition in the pvd coating furnace is not less than thirty minutes. To achieve the national A-level standard for titanium materials, the materials used by people are mainly 304 stainless steel. When the surrounding environment is wet and cold, 316 stainless steel materials are used to make stainless steel screens, and high-quality metal materials are used. Stainless steel screens are not easy to fade for more than 30 years. !

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