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Will the color stainless steel decorative plate fall off the paint?

by:Topson     2022-07-28

Regarding the question of whether the color stainless steel decorative plate will fall off the paint, we need to clarify two points? First of all, what is the paint on the stainless steel surface? What kind of scene do you use? You choose a reliable stainless steel finish! We can tell you clearly! The color stainless steel decorative plate will not fall off the paint! But before that, many partners raised the issue of paint peeling! what is the reason? The following Topson answers for you one by one!

Now let's talk about this coat of paint on the surface. In fact, this layer of paint is what we often call fingerprint-free paint. This layer of fingerprint-free paint can protect the surface of the board from scratches and fingerprints, easy to care for, and protect the brightness of the color. But remember not to scratch with sharp objects

Secondly, we need to figure out what occasions our license plate is used in. Our license plate requirements are different in different occasions. For example, in public places, elevators in clubs have certain requirements for materials, such as 304 thick plates, and the surface technology also requires what color to be plated, what pattern to etch, and how much C to etch! In the last process, the thickness and hardness without fingerprints should also be emphasized. This will affect the cost and final finish of the surface. The oil layer will be higher in the future, which will have a certain impact on the surface color! But it can play a very good protective role in different occasions. After Z, in order to save production time and production cost, some companies will make the oil layer very thin and control the oil-passing time!

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