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why stainless steel works for indoor swimming pools

by:Topson     2020-06-25
The indoor pool has a wide range of features to choose from.
Just today, I visited two different health clubs, two very different indoor swimming pools.
The first is for laid-back home entertainment, and the other is for serious get-in-shape members.
One of them has colorful, luxurious lights that duplicate high on the surface of the water.
When the family was entertaining, the resort ended with no fuss.
The same is true for these types of swimming pools throughout the private and public sectors.
The hotel has a water park, an indoor wave pool, an indoor water slide and light fixtures, all of which are perfect for any taste.
But one aspect of these indoor swimming pools is common in two visited facilities (
Regardless of location, one size fits all)
Room/air temperature.
The air temperature around this type of swimming pool is usually hot and humid, and it stays in this state in order to maintain a high level of chemical hygiene.
These chemicals are mainly chlorine.
It is located around the swimming pool area, sauna area, shower area, dressing room and so on. . .
This is why stainless steel is the best choice when building indoor water facilities. Let me explain.
When making swimming facilities, it is important to remember that water will be mixed with chemicals, humidity and high temperatures.
In this case, certain materials are cracked and corroded.
The high temperature increases the corrosion process of several metals, and the wet water droplets found in these areas create cracks inside these metals.
In addition, the cleaning and maintenance chemicals used change the state of the material in contact with water, chemicals and humidity;
Stainless steel, on the other hand, is still intact.
The key to keeping your aquatic facilities healthy, clean and durable is to choose good materials for the above applications.
The 304 and 316 steel grades are ideal for this environment.
You can also instill some other advice.
For example, ensure that the design prevents the occurrence of cracking hazards.
This is important when it comes to stress corrosion.
Ensure that the facilities maintain strict management and maintenance procedures and conduct controlled inspections on a regular basis.
Check the air temperature and humidity percentage.
Verify that the weight load and limit are adhered.
All of these factors differ between Success, effectiveness, and long run
You and your family may enjoy years of standing facilities compared to having shabby, unsafe, bacteria --
No one dares to put their toes into the place.
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