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Why stainless steel corrodes stainless steel processing plants are analyzed

by:Topson     2022-11-22

Stainless steel has to undergo various processing in many production activities, because the wide application of stainless steel processing technology has also brought about the growth of various problems, how to solve these various problems, how to analyze the related reasons, different problems There are different reasons, we need to analyze one by one.

For example, why does stainless steel corrode? For this reason, we must find the corresponding reason to avoid the same corrosion phenomenon from happening again. The stainless steel processing plant has carried out a detailed analysis for this. Reason 1: Various chemical reactions on the surface. There are a lot of water vapor and various substances in the air. These substances will have a certain chemical effect with the surface of the stainless steel, and rust spots will be formed in some relatively weak links. Stainless steel processing plants believe that these rust spots will continue to increase over time, from small rust spots to large rust spots. If there are a lot of chloride ions in the air, this corrosion phenomenon will continue to intensify. , it will rust and wear stainless steel for a long time. The reason why stainless steel can be so stable is because of the passive film on the surface. If this substance is greatly damaged, the various stable characteristics of stainless steel will be weakened.

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