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Why is there no fingerprint treatment on the surface of the colored stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-08-01

What is fingerprint-free processing?

Stainless steel fingerless plate means that the surface of stainless steel is coated with a layer of transparent colorless to pale yellow liquid protective layer, the transparent nano-metal roll coating solution after drying, and the stainless steel surfaces of various materials are firmly together to form A transparent hard solid protective film layer.

no fingerprints

The stainless steel surface is treated with an advanced fingerprint-free treatment process, which increases the beauty and durability of the metal decorative panels. The main purpose is to prevent people from touching the surface of these plates and fingerprints, and not to touch the surface of oil, sweat, dust, etc. to tarnish the surface.

The fingerprint-free treatment changes the previous stainless steel surface that would leave noticeable fingerprints to the touch. Fingerprint-free treatment can make the surface gloss of colored stainless steel sheets last longer and reduce daily maintenance time.

What is the advantage of not having fingerprints

1. It is easy to clean the surface stains, no metal cleaning agent is needed, some chemicals will make the stainless steel surface black; in addition, it is not easy to stick to fingerprints and dust, and it is very delicate to the touch. It has super anti-fingerprint and anti-stain effect.

2. The transparent film layer without fingerprints can protect the metal surface from being easily scratched, because the surface of electroplated gold oil has the characteristics of good film property, high hardness, not easy to peel off, chalk and yellow.

3. The appearance and texture are strong, oily and moist, soft to the touch, and retains a good metal texture.

4. The no-fingerprint plate changes the cold and hard characteristics of the metal and looks warm, elegant and decorative.

5. Stainless steel has excellent anti-fingerprint and anti-rust performance. It forms a protective film on the metal surface, which can effectively prevent the external erosion of the metal interior, and greatly prolong the service life.

Why use the fingerprint-free plating method?

Based on the characteristics of stainless steel and early finished product test data, a fingerprint-free process must be used to complete the protection of the plate. Because in the early test process, it was found that the same stainless steel material with no fingerprint part and no fingerprint part, the effect of resisting the same external pollution is very different.

A stainless steel plate without fingerprints was produced. After bending and cutting, the inventory and use time is much longer than stainless steel plate without fingerprints.

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