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Why is stainless steel whole cabinet so expensive?

by:Topson     2021-09-13

Why is it so expensive? Why do more and more people favor stainless steel cabinets. Compared with wooden cabinets, the price of stainless steel cabinets and wooden cabinets is not bad. However, there are still many customers who choose Dongwo Taotini stainless steel cabinets. What is it that attracts consumers? The editor of Tautini Cabinet will give you a specific analysis.

Stainless steel cabinets are really expensive, but expensive has expensive value. Good stainless steel cabinets should not be called cabinets, they should be called kitchen cabinets.

①304 food stainless steel

The whole body does not contain a trace of wood, and the food 304 stainless steel is used from the inside to the outside. 304 stainless steel is the stainless steel that can be used for cooking and holding food as required by the country Steel grade, health and safety, etc. are relatively high. It has a high density and is not prone to rust. The heat capacity is very good. Whether it is boiling oil in a hot pot or cooking vegetables on dry ice at -78.5°C, it will not cause damage to it. Qualified 304 stainless steel whole cabinets look bright and shiny, and feel very delicate.

Both 304 and 201 are stainless steel codes. The two types of steel are not easy to distinguish with the naked eye, but 304 has a high price and good quality. The corrosion resistance is much better than that of 201, and the alkali resistance is better than that of 201; 201 will rust in a humid or high salt environment for a long time, while 304 will not rust easily.

②Steel thickness

The stainless steel cabinets are also made separately and assembled on site. Due to the weight of stainless steel, it is impossible for a 3cm thick countertop to be a solid stainless steel block. The 3cm tabletop is made of steel about 1mm folded and shaped into a square 'box' surrounded by a hollow space on all sides. Therefore, the thickness of steel directly determines the quality of stainless steel cabinets. The thicker the steel, the higher the price. Some brands that pay attention to reputation will consciously use stainless steel plates with a thickness of 1mm-2mm. This thickness is hollow and there is no need to worry about insufficient load-bearing support. For stainless steel cabinets, no filler or as little as possible is good, but the price of steel up to 1mm thickness is not cheap.

③The low face value is because too few sees

The stainless steel cabinets in most people’s impressions They all look like this. The really well-designed stainless steel cabinets are not low-valued, and they don't lose the ins style at all. Not only can it be used on a large area alone to create a professional-looking kitchen. It can be mixed with other materials. The warm solid wood is matched with high-quality stainless steel door panels, and it is inlaid into the oven and dishwasher without any sense of contradiction, ensuring practicality while solving the cold look and feel of stainless steel.

④What should I do if there is a scratch?

Indeed, stainless steel cabinets are prone to scratches. This is due to the characteristics of the stainless steel material itself, but the real 304 stainless steel material will generally not leave a large area of u200bu200bscratches unless a steel ball is used to clean the countertop in daily life. Therefore, it is recommended to use a soft kitchen cloth and cleaning for daily cleaning. Agent. If scratches have been left, you can try to use a special polishing cloth or polishing paste for minor scratches, and wipe the scratches carefully!

⑤How to choose stainless steel cabinets?

1. Don't buy the cheap ones

Everyone knows the truth about what you pay for , The price of stainless steel cabinets of each brand is uneven, and the general price is 2-3 times that of ordinary stone cabinets. If the price of the merchant is too cheap, it must be tricky. The important point is never to covet small bargains.

2. Look at the certificate

The surface of 304 stainless steel cabinets is generally stamped with the material '304' with a steel stamp. Check if there is any inscription when buying, and ask the merchant for the relevant quality guarantee.

3. Magnetic measurement

The real 304 stainless steel is generally non-magnetic or very weak. Bring an iron magnet when you buy it. After repeated tests on the countertop and side of the stainless steel cabinet, the 304 stainless steel is not obvious. The adsorption power of counterfeit products is the opposite.

4. Identification potion

The popular stainless steel identification liquid on the market can know which type of stainless steel it is by detecting the (nickel) element content in the stainless steel. Drop the medicine on the surface of stainless steel. Generally, 201 stainless steel will show dark red, and 304 will show colorless or light yellow.

Summary: Why are the above stainless steel cabinets so expensive? If you want to buy stainless steel cabinets, you need not only the material and other guarantees, but also the brand's after-sales service and other guarantees.

Choose Dongwo kitchen and bathroom, take health, fashion and high quality as the standard, and strive to create more comfortable, hygienic and convenient high-quality products!

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