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Why is stainless steel color plate not easy to rust?

by:Topson     2022-09-01

In modern decoration, colored stainless steel has been rapidly promoted and popularized with its obvious advantages such as bright color, bright surface, good oxidation resistance and superior mechanical performance, and has been recognized by the majority of designers and consumers.

The application of stainless steel color plate is very common and can cope with most environments. Compared with untreated stainless steel, what is unique about natural color stainless steel that makes it less prone to rust. Stainless steel electroplating method is to add a layer of colorful protective color on the basis of electroplating natural stainless steel. Electroplating is divided into vacuum electroplating and water electroplating. The color effect of vacuum plating is better, the thickness of the surface coating color will be more uniform, there are many colors, it is not easy to rust, and the corrosion resistance is also very strong, so it is not easy to rust. Therefore, Topson suggests that we can communicate with the manufacturer when selecting samples and processes in the early stage, and recommends choosing stainless steel color plates with vacuum coating process.

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