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Why does stainless steel color plate rust?

by:Topson     2022-09-23

Stainless steel color plate as a decorative material, if the use environment is good, there will be no rust and other phenomena. If rust occurs, there are generally the following reasons:

1: The surface defects of stainless steel color plates generally have horseshoe prints, perforations, trachoma, etc. These problems will lead to the oxidation reaction of damaged parts, penetrate into the surface of stainless steel and cause rust spots. If not treated in time, there will be many rust spots on the plate.

2: The surface of the stainless steel plate is in contact with the liquid containing rust, and impurities will also cause rust. The probability of this happening is very small. The principle is just like human pathogens. A small amount can be ignored.

3: The surface of the stainless steel color plate is in contact with acidic substances, liquids, and strong acidic gases in the atmosphere, which will also cause rust, so choose your own model according to the situation in the region.

Color stainless steel sheet has a wide range of applications, and different models correspond to different environments. If there are certain requirements, such as to meet the requirements that have remained unchanged for decades, the humidity, temperature and atmospheric composition of the air must be clear, and different Models and processes to better meet these requirements, the color of the corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate is related to the composition on the one hand, and on the other hand, the surface state is also related to smooth performance, the lower the possibility of rust, if the surface is rough and uneven, It is easy to be scratched and scratched, and over time, excessive surface adsorption of impurities can easily cause rust. If rust occurs, it should be treated as soon as possible without affecting the appearance. If you are not sure, you can ask the manufacturer for consultation or on-site service to solve the rust problem.

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