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Why do you need a deposit for the customization of stainless steel sheets?

by:Topson     2022-09-14

Why do custom stainless steel sheets require a deposit? In fact, the purpose of this is to reassure both parties, because if the customer defaults, it will definitely affect the production cost of the stainless steel plate manufacturer, or if the manufacturer defaults, the customer can also get the corresponding compensation. So the question is, in which case do you need to pay the corresponding deposit?

1. Customers need stainless steel plates of ordinary specifications, but the one-time purchase volume is large, which exceeds the standing inventory.

2. What customers need is non-standard stainless steel plate. This stainless steel plate is usually out of stock and can only be produced according to customer needs.

3. What the customer needs is the color stainless steel plate, which does not need inventory and can be produced according to needs.

4. Customers need stainless steel plates for specific steel plants. There are many large steel mills in China, not necessarily all the coils of each steel mill. They need to be ordered and then processed in Kaiping.

In these cases, the customer needs to pay the corresponding deposit. At the same time, there are also requirements for the deposit amount, and the deposit amount accounts for 30% of the total amount. This ensures that the seller's production costs are not affected if the customer defaults.

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