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Why do most elevator decorations use stainless steel checkered plates?

by:Topson     2022-11-04
Because people began to pay attention to the aesthetics of the interior of the elevator, the elevators today are not as static as they used to be, so the vast majority of elevator interiors use colored stainless steel etched checkered plates, of course, there is a reason.

In the elevator bridge box, if the four walls inside the elevator are decorated with mirror stainless steel checkerboards, it will feel very chaotic. Just imagine that when you step into the elevator, all you see is your own image. If you like mirror stainless steel plate, it is very good to install one side on the back wall of the elevator bridge box, and the other sides are decorated with other decorations, which looks more artistic.

In addition, you can work hard at the elevator door to increase the exquisite appearance of the elevator hall door. Generally, color stainless steel wire drawing board is used for decoration. Elevator decoration should pay attention to the weight. Many elevator interior floors like to be decorated with natural marble, which seems to be very high-end. However, because the weight of marble increases the load of the elevator, it is replaced by colored stainless steel checkered plate. The color pattern can be produced and processed according to the needs, and the replacement is convenient. It does not need the elevator factory to reserve the thickness of the decoration.

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