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Why do different stainless steel processing manufacturers produce different quality products

by:Topson     2022-11-23
Because the quality of the products made by different stainless steel processing manufacturers is different, and the selected processing technology is also very different, it can also be said that each product has its own processing method, such as the production of stainless steel guardrails and stainless steel The production of the screen should belong to two different processing methods. The guardrail will use welding, grinding, bending and other processing techniques, and the screen can be produced by laser cutting, and other surface treatments will be carried out later. These are the existence of two different products. There are differences in processing, so when choosing the processing technology of stainless steel products, it is necessary to communicate more with the business. After all, these manufacturers have so many years of processing experience, and they must have a certain understanding of the processing process and technology selection of products. What kind of Which processing technology is suitable for the product and the place of use.
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