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Why choose stainless steel checkered plates when choosing elevator decorative plates?

by:Topson     2022-11-22
There are many high-rise buildings in modern cities, and elevators are used very frequently. Many developers choose stainless steel checkered plates when choosing decorative plates for elevators. It can not only meet the needs of elevators in terms of material and size , It also has its own unique beautification value in terms of decoration and beautification.

Stainless steel checker plate is a kind of colored stainless steel, which is widely used, especially in elevator decoration. The etching plate mainly reflects the pattern, and through the combination process, such as titanium plating, it reflects the sense of hierarchy.

One is mainly used in elevator hall door decorative panels. The surface is generally mirror-etched, partially brushed, partially chaotic, etc. The color of stainless steel checker plate is generally golden yellow and rose gold. The etched patterns can be customized, and most of the patterns are patchwork. The material is generally 304.

The second is to apply it to the elevator car decorative board. The etched pattern is generally symmetrical in shape. It is mostly used in conjunction with the hall door decorative panel.

When it comes to decoration and beautification effects, the best effect is the stainless steel etched checkered plate, but its production process is relatively the most complicated. In architectural decoration, the patterned etched plate is widely used. Especially in the selection of elevator plates, the mirror plate is generally used as the floor of the elevator, and then the patterns are processed according to the needs, so that the overall effect has a three-dimensional effect, thus reflecting its beautification value.

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