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Why choose stainless steel black titanium etching plate for stainless steel decoration

by:Topson     2022-11-24

People's pursuit of life can be reflected in the requirements for living environment. For example, the requirements for indoor wall decoration are constantly improving, so the styles of wall decoration materials are also constantly developing, and there are more and more materials that can be used as wall decoration. There are many people who choose stainless steel black titanium etched plate for decoration.

Because there is almost no chemical solution that can pass the black color, the so-called qualified fading is to ensure that the mirror stainless steel bottom layer is obtained after fading the black color. If there is no such standard, strong acid or ferric chloride can always be used to corrode, but after fading off the black color on the surface, the surface will be rough and not shiny, that is, the color has not been successfully faded, and it is of little use value.

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