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Which interior decoration is the stainless steel checker plate mainly used for?

by:Topson     2022-12-07

Colored stainless steel checker plate plays its unique role in interior decoration. According to the actual needs of use, the interior wall skirts of public buildings require that the finishing materials have good wear resistance and anti-pollution functions, and at the same time, they should be easy to install sound-absorbing materials and meet the requirements of fire protection. For these requirements, stainless steel checker plates can be better give satisfaction. It is wear-resistant and easy to clean. If the surface is perforated and sound-absorbing material is placed inside, it can meet the requirements of sound absorption. Although some interior finishing materials can also do this, the fire protection requirements are often not met. In addition, the checkered plate can also be used for the renovation of the outer wall of the old building, and the outer cylindrical surface is decorated in a large area.

The colored stainless steel checkered plate is elegant and beautiful. The door and window frame material profiles are processed by vacuum plating, which can not only maintain the silver-white color of the stainless steel plate itself, but also can be made into various soft colors or colored patterns, such as bronze, golden yellow, black, etc. , You can also paint a layer of transparent protective decorative film on the surface of the material, also called fingerprint-free film. The mirror panel doors and windows made of it have novel and generous shapes, smooth surface, beautiful appearance and firm color, which increases the beauty of building facades and interiors. The scope of application includes high-level buildings, hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, schools, office buildings, theaters, libraries, scientific research centers, computing centers and other civil buildings.

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