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Which colors are more advanced for stainless steel checkered plate processing?

by:Topson     2022-12-06

Stainless steel checker plate is more and more popular with large building owners because of its beauty and novel design, as well as the excellent performance of rust-proof and moisture-proof lamps.

In the field of construction engineering decoration, whether it is interior design decoration or outdoor decoration design, decorative building materials such as stainless steel decorative plates, stainless steel color plates, stainless steel checkered plates have been widely used.

And the strength of stainless steel checker plate is better than that of many traditional decorative materials, and it also has more color choices than traditional metal color stainless steel plate. In addition, various stainless steel surface processing techniques can be combined to achieve special surfaces with different textures. The commonly used color stainless steel checkered plates are available for customers to choose from: titanium black (black titanium), sapphire blue, titanium gold, brown, brown, bronze, green bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple red, emerald green, etc. , and can customize and deploy unique color combinations, such as the emerging stainless steel elevator checker plate to meet the owners and architectural designers' pursuit of various favorites and unique tastes of architectural decoration atmosphere.

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