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what you need to know about stainless steel backsplash

by:Topson     2020-06-19
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If you want your kitchen to look stylish and modern, consider placing a stainless steel tailgate.
This dress will definitely make the environment in your kitchen brighter and will look smooth and clean.
It may also be fun and warm, however, so don\'t limit yourself.
Stainless steel can be incorporated into almost any design theme.
The kitchen tailgate can use stainless steel tiles, very similar to ceramic or marble.
Your imagination limits configuration and patterns.
You can tile the entire tailgate with a stainless steel tile;
Glass is also combined with stone or other suitable materials.
Also, you may just want to put stainless steel on the sink and cook the top with a mural, granite or mosaic tailgate.
The restaurant usually uses stainless steel plates to make smooth kitchen tailgates (
Sink and countertop)
This helps prevent scratches and marks and is easy to clean.
This advanced look is similar to any type of stainless steel appliance that is becoming more and more popular with homeowners.
When you consider installing a stainless steel tailgate, you should consider your design or appearance of the kitchen.
Any good stainless steel manufacturer can provide a variety of surface textures for your stainless steel, tin, brass, zinc or copper tailgate, such as ribs, quilting or hammering.
However, finding a manufacturer that specializes in the production of stainless steel tailgates can be harder than granite, so you should persevere.
Stainless steel is a material that has a very wide range of uses and offers some amazing possibilities no matter what you want to do.
If you want to use a wide variety of gadgets and tools in the kitchen, consider using stainless steel as the main design material for ultra-modern, highly modernpolished look.
For something more comfortable, choose a matte finish.
You can also combine stainless steel tiles with other materials such as marble or glass.
You can even make a part of the tailgate with stainless steel, such as the stove surface.
The CostA stainless steel back panel can be very expensive, but the cost varies depending on complexity and size.
For example, tile prices range from $40 to $200 per square foot.
This is more than many glass and stone bricks or other tailgate materials.
Sheets are expensive but require expert installation.
The cost of installing and manufacturing stainless steel sheets per square foot is approximately $20.
Stainless steel tailgate is very easy to maintain and clean.
It has unique functional appeal and is easy to remove dirt and grease, splashes and spills from daily cooking.
Soap and warm water will treat this hygienic surface for daily cleaning;
Do not forget to dry for perfect completion.
The new spray can also help remove fingerprints.
Also, keep in mind that acid from citric acid, tomato, chlorine, bleach, etc.
Can cause stains.
Usually, stains occur only when the substance remains for a long time.
Regular cleaning and thorough flushing can remove stains.
But please use the sealant for further protection.
When installing stainless steel tailgate, use sponge and pH-
Neutral cleaner.
Wipe the dirt on the wall using small circular motion, make sure not to fill the surface with moisture.
Rinse the area thoroughly with water and dry it with a cloth.
If dirt is hard to remove, use a wash brush instead of a sponge.
After cleaning, if there is oil stain on the wall, apply the skim solution.
The next step is to polish the wall with fine sand in the tailgate area
Remove glossy sandpaper from the painted surface.
Do not stop to rub the sandpaper of the area until the surface of the tailgate becomes dim.
The dull scratch surface provides the ideal texture for the application of the adhesive needed to install the tailgate.
Use a damp cloth to clean the wall again, then apply construction glue on the back of the tailgate.
Apply the adhesive evenly to the tailgate using an putty knife to ensure that the entire surface of the workpiece is covered.
There is an assistant to help you install the tailgate to the wall.
Start at one end of the work and when your assistant keeps the level at the other end, push it firmly to the wall.
Then, work along the tailgate and push it to the wall until you reach the other end.
Use masking tape to attach the tailgate to the wall and fix it on the wall as building glue.
Use the wallpaper roller and look over the tape tailgate.
Scroll from the middle of the tailgate to the edge to ensure that the entire part is in contact with the wall and remove any air from underneath the tailgate.
Use a damp sponge to remove any excess glue that permeates the edge.
Let the glue dry for a period of time recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.
Remove the construction tape from the edge and put a caulk bead.
With the tip of your fingertips, try to smooth the caulking and let it dry for two days.
Caulk prevents moisture from leaking along the edge of the tailgate.
Advantages and disadvantages while your stainless steel tailgate is durable, easy to clean and heat resistant, keep in mind that it is easier to dent and scratch than a tailgate made of marble, granite or ceramic.
The patterned stainless steel tailgate is very effective for hiding scratches and other marks that appear during normal use.
Also, it doesn\'t need to be polished, so unlike brass, zinc or copper, its color doesn\'t fade over time.
The design replaces other popular ideas and you may consider using tin or copper when you design the tailgate.
Still, try to study how they behave in the kitchen atmosphere, so you won\'t be surprised if your copper changes color.
Whether you want to rebuild the kitchen or design the kitchen as part of a new home building, install a stainless steel tailgate for a stylish look.
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