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what you need in your kitchen

by:Topson     2020-08-26
For beginners or experienced chefs, the \"right\" kitchen accessories and tools vary when fixing meals.
On Tuesday\'s morning show, Annette Flores, Williams Test Kitchen manager-
The kitchen supply company Sonoma continues to roll out the \"early essentials\" series and shares all the basic cookware, cutlery, appliances and baking supplies needed for cooking.
Flores said it is important to have the right equipment in the kitchen, because cooking with the right equipment is as important as ingredients.
The necessities of your medicine cabinet \"a good knife can cut the tomatoes without grinding the pulp.
A quality frying pan will bake your meat evenly instead of leaving a burnt hot spot.
A great juicer will penetrate the pulp without tearing it apart, \"she said.
\"Some basic cookware and equipment are the key to success for any chef.
\"Trend news Google cloud downtime missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris Flores\'s advice when you buy higher quality kitchen equipment.
She also suggested looking for the country of origin as artisans in the United StatesS.
Europe sets standards for quality cookware.
In addition, she said, the quality stainless steel cookware is bonded or cladding from the bottom to the top to ensure the best heat conduction and diffusion.
In addition, she said the cooker should be relatively heavy to help minimize warping.
But to do well, the equipment is not necessarily heavy, she added.
The market is filled with many types of cookware and gadgets, so it can be very difficult to choose the right one, says Flores.
However, high prices do not necessarily mean quality, she said.
\"Most chefs I know have a range of equipment, not only from Professional cookware retailers, but also from restaurants serving stores, ethnic markets, and even hardware stores,\" Flores said . \".
\"The first thing I did when considering the new device was to pick it up and hold it in my hand.
I asked: What is it made?
How about the handle? How heavy (or)light is it?
Flores said: \"Another thing to consider when planning to pay more for a project is to consider the frequency of use of the project.
For items like knives and cookware, it\'s usually worth buying the best you can afford because they\'re always used, she says.
As for cutlery, knives are usually expensive, with prices ranging between $50 and $300, Flores said.
Flores suggested holding the knife in his hand to see how it fits.
\"It should feel a little heavy in your hands,\" she said . \".
Flores added that the blade should have a full soup-
A continuous piece of metal from the tip of the blade to the knife hand.
To test the sharpness of the knife, you can always throw a piece of paper, she says.
You should grind your knife every six months to a year, says Flores. Some high-
Terminal retailers will provide sharpening services, she said.
Flores went above and beyond the cookware and cutlery in the early show and shared her top ten kitchen essentials: 1. 10 or 12-inch fry pan2. Heavy-
Dutch oven (
Cast iron or stainless steel)3. 8 or 10-
Chef\'s knife. 3-
Inch cutter 5.
Zigzag bread knife 6Set of bowls (
Glass or stainless steel)7. Wooden spoons8.
Vertical mixer or food processing machine. Thick-
Baking plate 10. Multi-or micro-
But what should you look for when you buy kitchen equipment?
Flores shared these tips: cookware10\" Fry pan -
You should find a non.
But be careful with the appliances you use.
This pot is perfect for eggs and pancakes.
The good thing about a stainless steel pan is that you can get a good scones.
Dutch oven/Le Creuset enameled cast iron-
This is the \"working horse\" in the kitchen \".
You can bake Coke and it is perfect for cooking.
Some of the better are attractive and can easily go from the stove to the oven or the table top. Also: Multi-pot -
You can make pasta or steamed vegetables with it.
It\'s stainless steel. (All-
Package 12 qt morepot $129 -
You can buy it in two weeks. )Cutting Board -
Keeping the board clean requires both antibacterial and supportive use and aging of wood.
Wooden spoon/silicone spatula-
Wooden spoons are suitable for any surface.
Some people have round tips and some have flat tips.
Silicone is heat resistant, this is for non-stick surfaces. Swiss Peeler -
Three simple sets of $15.
Grater/micro-plane grater-
The cheese, ginger and chocolate are delicious, and they are also very thick. Mixing Bowls -
Prepare a good set of mixing bowls for the preparation work.
Find a set of 4 or 5 bowls.
Food processing machineMulti-use.
Cuisinart month-
The Cup Food processor has 3 bowls of size, and they nest together.
It is a powerful motor and blade that saves space very well.
People may want to spend a little more on this ($100-$300).
The more features you have above, the better. Mixers -
The stand mixer is very powerful for making dough and other heavier mixes.
The mixer works for you and has a variety of accessories for making ice cream, pasta.
Also, the KitchenAid mixers used to be used only for commercial kitchens, but they also help a lot in your kitchen ($100 -$300). Bakeware -
Looking for the Great
Will not scratch after many times.
Used cookie sheet
One has a good heavy gauge so it doesn\'t twist when it gets hot.
They can be used not only for baking cookies. Cupcake pan -
Two round 8-inch cake trays are standard, and a 9x13-inch baking tray is used to make paper cakes. Extra kitchen
Good water-absorbing tray towels and silicone or sturdy cotton oven gloves are required in each kitchen.
Williams, free technical classes per week
The Sonoma store offers free instruction on basic cooking techniques and specific cooking tools.
Click here for more information and call your local store to sign up.
All these products are available in Williams-Sonoma. com.
Cooker Calphalon with the same sound
$2, $69-
Calphalon Contemporary multi-pot $99 $220 stainless steel professional 3 qt frying pan. 95 All-
$75-stainless steel pot bottom
Tools/cutlery wüthof classic peeling knife $185 Le Creuset 4 qt Oval cocoon $150,3 1/2 \"$40 Shun classic chef knife $109-
$135 for classic hollow ground chef knives; $119 for antibacterial cutting boards-$20 Boos Edge-
Maple chopping board $30-
$80 silicone spatula and spoon-set of 3 $22.
50 Swiss Peeler
Simple $15 a set of $3 $15 wooden lemon winches/Basic, $8 micro-aircraft hit gr 15 $10-
Glass Bowl set-
$38 stainless steel 10 \"wik $12 melamine measuring cup and spoon $18 zylisss stackable measuring cup, breville Ikon Blender $199 Cuisinart 16-a set of 3 $20 straight roll pin/Classic, traditional $18 electric
Bakeware gold touch non-stick pan $6-$299 299 KitchenAid Artisan station mixerpiece set (
This series of baking necessities includes 12-
Muffin plate, biscuit, half cup
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