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What will happen to the properties of colored stainless steel sheets at low temperatures?

by:Topson     2022-08-29

I believe everyone knows about stainless steel. Corrosion resistance is the basis for its firm foothold in the material industry. In recent years, in order to adapt to more application scenarios, people are constantly developing new stainless steel models, which can be selected according to different purposes. The right model, stainless steel can be seen in various high temperature scenarios now, so the question is, since people are focusing on the research and development of high temperature resistant stainless steel, is it necessary to develop low temperature resistant stainless steel? What is the impact of the properties of the stainless steel plate? What changes will the plate itself have?

Regarding low temperature conditions, etc. are applied to the housing of the refrigerating appliance. Because ferritic stainless steel has a body-centered cubic structure, when the material properties become weak, sharp cracks will rapidly expand and cause brittle failure. Therefore, the 400 series does not have too prominent low temperature resistance, while the 300 series stainless steel has quite high attainments in this regard, and let me tell you what the characteristics of stainless steel in low temperature environment are.

According to relevant test reports, in the case of extremely low temperature, the tensile strength and yield strength of stainless steel will increase with the decrease of temperature, and the tensile strength has been significantly improved. A large amount of plastic deformation will occur before, so the material tends to be less brittle;

At the same time, stainless steel also has lower thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity, which means that as the temperature decreases, the thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity will also decrease; relatively low thermal conductivity will reduce its heat transfer at low temperatures. , this will effectively reduce the heat loss of the material itself, thereby protecting the performance of the material at low temperatures.

The thermal expansion coefficient of metal causes the low temperature storage tank to have different deformations at different temperatures, which increases the fatigue load of the low temperature storage tank, so the low temperature storage tank needs a smaller thermal expansion coefficient. For stainless steel, its thermal expansion coefficient increases with decreasing temperature. Therefore, when welding stainless steel, in addition to meeting the requirements of mechanical properties, it is also necessary to select welding consumables with a similar thermal expansion coefficient of the material.

However, even in a low temperature environment, there are limits to how stainless steel can work normally. The more important elements in stainless steel are nickel and carbon. Under normal circumstances, when the nickel content reaches 3.5%, it can be used at a low temperature of -100 °C. If the nickel content reaches 9%, there is no problem in using it in a low temperature environment of -196 °C. If the nickel content in the stainless steel material is high, the limit can reach -650 °C, so 304 stainless steel is used as the subject material for frozen storage tanks. It's just right.

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