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What should be paid attention to when choosing stainless steel decorative color plates?

by:Topson     2022-03-24

Stainless steel decorative color plate fingerless plate refers to the color stainless steel decorative surface coated with a layer of transparent colorless to light yellow liquid protective layer, this transparent nano metal rolling coating solution after drying, and various color The surface texture of the stainless steel decorative sheet is firmly combined to form a transparent hard solid protective film layer. The processing technology of colored stainless steel fingerprint-free printing plates affects the long-lasting aesthetics, contamination resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance of metal printing plates.

Stainless steel products of various colors can be used for advanced fingerprint treatment, adding beautiful and durable metal decorative plates. Surfaces such as dust lose their luster. At present, the price of metal decorative panels without special fingerprint treatment is generally not very high, and the cost performance of both aesthetics and value is relatively high, which effectively improves the decorative effect. The price of the fingerprint-free board is also related to the thickness of the color stainless steel. Generally, the thicker one is more expensive. Usually, the board below 1.0 is about 8-10 yuan per square meter.

Fingerprint-free technology changes the problem of leaving visible fingerprints on the surface of colored stainless steel. There is also a titanium color film layer on the stainless steel surface. If the quality is not good enough, the color film layer is prone to appear after a long period of time, so the process without fingerprints will also make the color stainless steel surface glossy and durable, reducing the time for daily maintenance.

Colored stainless steel fingerless board is mainly used for decoration, and can be used for hotel decoration, KTV night club, elevator, furniture, security door, spacecraft, lighting, architectural decoration, etc. The fingerprint-free treatment will not damage the appearance of the substrate, and the color filter layer will not fall off, and the stain can be completely removed by wiping with a dust-free cloth. Fingerprint-free plates are generally high-quality stainless steel plates, which are made of stainless steel decorative plates of various colors through dozens of processing processes such as shearing, pressure, bending, forming, welding, oil, and sand. /p>

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