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What should be paid attention to in the packaging of stainless steel color steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-04-17

1. What should be paid attention to in the packaging of stainless steel color steel plate?

(1) Packing weight: within the allowable range of users and loading and unloading equipment, there is a larger packing weight of colored stainless steel plates, which can reduce the number of handling and Out-of-the-box procedure, saving packaging costs.

(2) Packing order number and packing method: Regarding the packing order number and weight, according to JIS regulations, it should be packed in multiples of 100 sheets, and the weight is about 1 ton. However, in countries such as the United States, in addition to the above method, we also use a bundle of 1120 sheets. A bundle of about one ton is called a big box package. At this time, we need to use a wooden base frame and stack the colored stainless steel plates on the wooden base frame for packaging. According to the stainless steel color plate manufacturer's conditions, transportation conditions and transportation distance, the methods and methods of packaging are studied.

(3) Packaging materials:

a. Wooden chassis: The wooden chassis is generally made of pine or cypress. 20-30mm thick wood board can be used, 2-3 base woods can be nailed horizontally below, or 20mm thick plywood can be used, and the base wood can be glued below. Nail heads, bumps on the negative, textures, etc. are all easy causes of wear and tear of stainless steel color steel plates, especially bumps, which should be paid attention to from a safety point of view. The size of the wooden floor is the same as the same product, or slightly smaller, so that the stainless steel color steel plate can be stacked neatly.

b. Wrapping paper: wrapping paper is used for inner packaging. Depending on the purpose of use, wrapping paper with good mechanical strength and rust resistance must be used. In order to meet the necessary mechanical strength, kraft paper or laminated paper with small orientation is usually used; in addition, in order to prevent rust, waterproof paper made of asphalt interlayer is added to the paper with low water permeability, and polyethylene film can also be used Polyethylene interlayer paper for interlayer, or polyethylene waterproof paper made by single-sided crimping of polyethylene film.

In recent years, the surface of the commonly used anti-rust wrapping paper is coated with a vaporized anti-rust agent, which has the above-mentioned mechanical properties and anti-rust properties.

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