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What kind of pattern plate is the stainless steel small water droplet pattern plate?

by:Topson     2022-10-08

Stainless steel checkered plate can be divided into two categories, one is decorative checkered plate, such as stainless steel etched checkered plate, stainless steel coated checkered plate, stainless steel table checkered plate, etc. The other type is stainless steel small water droplet pattern plate and anti-skid pattern plate, which are usually used in industry. For example, the function of anti-skid pattern plate is to prevent slipping. The pattern of the anti-skid pattern plate is obviously higher than the plane of the steel plate. When waiting for slippery objects, it is not advisable to slip people. The function of the small water drop pattern plate is also similar to anti-skid, and its pattern is also higher than the plane of the steel plate, which is generally used in elevator doors or workshops.

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