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What kind of effects can the stainless steel checkered plates of different processes reflect?

by:Topson     2022-12-17
It is not uncommon for stainless steel checkered plate to be used for decoration. In recent years, with the vigorous development of metal surface treatment technology, especially the electroplating technology, the stainless steel checkered plate has always been unrecognized by the silver cool color after being given color. , made a public appearance to the market, and related products such as brushed stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, electroplated color steel, etched stainless steel and other related products have 'massively entered' the decoration industry. According to the feedback from the market, the end-use consumers are very satisfied with the stainless steel checkered plate decorative plate. class of products. So what effect do they have?

1. Stainless steel mirror panel, 8K panel is also known as mirror panel. The surface of the stainless steel panel is polished with abrasive liquid through polishing equipment, so that the luminosity of the panel surface is as clear as a mirror, and then electroplated and colored.

2. Stainless steel wire drawing board, wire drawing board (LH), also known as hairline, because the line is slender and straight like hair. Its surface is like a filamentous texture, which is a processing technology of stainless steel. The surface is matte, If you look carefully, there are traces of texture on it, but you can't feel it. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary bright stainless steel and looks more advanced. The hairline board has a variety of textures, including hairline (HL), snowflake sand ( NO4), and pattern (chaotic pattern), cross pattern, cross pattern, etc. All patterns are processed by oil-throwing hairline machine as required, and then electroplated and colored.

3. Stainless steel sandblasting plate, zirconium beads for sandblasting plate are processed on the stainless steel plate surface by mechanical equipment, so that the plate surface presents a fine bead-like sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. Then electroplating and coloring.

4. Stainless steel composite process board, according to the process requirements, various processes such as polishing hairline, coating, etching, sandblasting, etc. are concentrated on the same board surface for combined process processing. Then electroplating and coloring.

5. The sand pattern of stainless steel and pattern plate, and pattern (chaotic pattern) plate is composed of a circle of sand patterns from a distance, and the irregular pattern is irregular in the vicinity. It is finished, and then electroplated and colored. Whether it is a patterned board or a brushed board, it is one of the matte boards, but the surface state of these boards is different, so the statements are different.

6. The stainless steel etched plate is made of mirror plate, wire drawing plate and sandblasting plate as the bottom plate, and its surface is etched with various patterns by chemical methods for deep processing; All kinds of complex processes such as gold, etc., finally achieve the effect of bright and dark patterns and brilliant colors.

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