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What is wood grain stainless steel plate? Can it be used outdoors?

by:Topson     2022-03-31

1. What is wood grain stainless steel

In fact, there are many ways to present wood grain stainless steel, but the processing technology Different, but the base material is the same and made of stainless steel. Different process treatments are applied to the surface. For example, etched titanium wood grain plates are prints in screen printing technology. The effect of wood grain is printed on the surface of the wood grain, and there will be a layer of anti-corrosion ink on the surface. In this way, stainless steel without anti-corrosion ink can be etched into the etching machine, thereby producing a wood grain effect. Then choose the plating color, which can be titanium or copper. There is also a lamination process, which is more commonly used now, which is to use high temperature PCV film to attach to the stainless steel surface. This lamination process can choose from many colors, and there are more than 200 kinds of wood grain stainless steel plates. Secondly, the stainless steel transfer plate can transfer wood grain to stainless steel plate.

2. Of course, it can be used outdoors

We know how to render stainless steel plates with wood grain. Some time ago, a new client asked me, can our boards be used outdoors? Because our customers do outdoor flower pots. It used to be made of wood or stone, but because wood is easy to rot and stone is not easy to form, now I want to develop a new product to use stainless steel as flower pots. Due to the large selection of stainless steel design colors, the forming performance is strong. Higher end vibe. However, customers are concerned about whether the stainless steel surface will discolor and whether it will be durable outdoors for a long time. It is normal for the family to have these troubles. It's outdoors after all, but you don't have to be too nervous. Our materials are salt spray tested for acid, corrosion and sunlight resistance for at least 1000 hours.

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