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What is whitening in the surface stainless steel processing process?

by:Topson     2022-10-02
There are many stainless steel processing techniques for surface treatment, we can give examples one by one, such as: whitening;

The production process of stainless steel will go through various processes. In these processes, there is a black oxide layer on the surface. At this time, you can carry out a chemical method to whiten them, which is very It is not environmentally friendly and has great harm to the surrounding environment. There are two advanced processing methods. One is the glass bead method, which is very effective in removing the oxide layer. Another is the non-polluting chemical method for surface corrosion.

The focus of stainless steel processing is the surface, and different processes endow the product with new life and use. A good selection process should be carried out according to product requirements, and try to be economical and practical, which is also the best choice for processing technology.

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