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What is the proofing process of color stainless steel plate

by:Topson     2022-08-04

Colored stainless steel plate is an environmentally friendly and recyclable decorative material. Its surface can be processed into different colors and patterns. The combination of colors and patterns makes stainless steel a symbol of fashion, nobility and trend. As we all know, interior decoration, hotel, club KTV decoration all need colorful stainless steel templates. How many surface patterning techniques do you know about colored stainless steel sheets?

(1) Hand-carved. The diamond blade engraves various patterns, the pattern precision is poor, the labor intensity is high, and the work efficiency is low. Hand engraving is suitable for embossed surface decoration with low precision requirements.

(2) Mechanical milling. Use mechanical equipment such as engraving machines, copy engraving machines, etc. to operate rotary tools for milling. This method can only be engraved on flat steel plates. Easy deep milling.

(3) Sandblasting method. Use compressed air to spray high-speed emery on the surface of the workpiece blocked by the template to form a sand surface pattern. The surface produced by the sandblasting method is rough, and it is not easy to spray thin strip patterns, and the depth generally does not exceed 0.08mm.

(4) Embossing method. Patterns are obtained by forcing localized material to plastically deform by applying pressure to fonts, molds or round rollers. Press working includes stamping, static pressing or rolling. There is internal stress after embossing. According to the above method, the stress and deformation are reduced. The stamping depth can generally reach 0.05-0.20mm, which is called stress mark.

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