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What is the production process of colored stainless steel wood grain board?

by:Topson     2022-08-19

What is the process of color stainless steel wood grain board? I'm sure many people don't know. In fact, there are many processes for making colored stainless steel wood grain panels, but there are usually only a few, and the cost is low. Next, let us introduce it to you.

Stainless steel electroplating process

Electroplating - PVD vacuum plasma plating (can be plated with sapphire blue, black, coffee, seven colors, zirconium gold, bronze, rose, champagne gold and light green)

Stainless steel etching process

The etching pattern can be seen in the picture. The color stainless steel etching plate chemically corrodes various patterns on the surface of the object. Using 8K mirror plate or wire drawing plate as the base material, the etched surface can be further processed through various complex processes such as local texture, wire drawing, inlaid gold, local titanium, etc., to achieve the effect of brightness and brightness. Dark patterns and bright colors. Etched stainless steel includes colored stainless steel etching in various patterns. Available colors are: Titanium Black (Black Titanium), Sky Blue, Titanium Gold, Sapphire Blue, Brown, Purple, Bronze, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Fuchsia, Titanium White, Emerald Green, etc. It is suitable for shopping malls, shopping malls, entertainment places such as hotels, KTVs, large hotels, etc. It can also be customized according to customer drawings and requirements. However, the cost of such production tends to be higher. After all, the mold needs to be purchased separately.

Stainless steel embossing process

The stainless steel wood grain board is processed by a series of mechanical equipment, and the surface of the stainless steel wood grain board is pressed into an uneven pattern. This kind of stainless steel plate can be called stainless steel embossed plate, which has a special artistic sense in appearance.

Available patterns are: bamboo weaving, ice bamboo, diamond, small square, rice grain board (pearl), twill, butterfly love pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, cube, free stripe, egg pattern, stone pattern, panda pattern, antique square pattern, etc. Patterns can be customized according to customer requirements. The embossed board has the characteristics of strong and bright appearance, high surface hardness, strong wear resistance, easy cleaning, maintenance-free, compression resistance, scratch resistance, and no fingerprints. Mainly used in architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration, kitchen utensils and other stainless steel series.

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