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What is the main construction method of stainless steel wire drawing board?

by:Topson     2022-05-05

1. What is the main construction method of stainless steel wire drawing board?

(1) Stake out the site before construction, and accurately calculate the length of each component.

(2) According to the length of the protective net, the blanking length of the component is allowed to be 1mm.

(3) Select the appropriate welding process, electrode diameter, welding current, welding speed, etc., and verify through the welding process test.

(4) Degreasing and decontamination treatment: Before welding, check whether the groove and assembly gap meet the requirements, whether the tack welding is firm, and there should be no oil around the welding seam. Otherwise, use trichloroethylene, benzene, gasoline, neutral detergent or other chemicals to scrub with a fine stainless steel wire brush. If necessary, grind the metal surface with an angle grinder before welding.

(5) Thin stainless steel electrode (welding wire) and smaller welding current should be used when welding. During welding, the welding points between the components should be firm, the welds should be full, the welding waves on the metal surface of the welds should be uniform, and there should be no defects such as cracks, slag inclusions, weld flashes, burn-through, arc craters, and pinholes, and there should be no spatter in the welding area. .

(6) After the welding and assembly of the rods, the welds without obvious dents or large protruding welds can be directly ground. For welds with concave-convex scum or large bead, grind with an angle grinder, and grind after grinding. After grinding, the appearance must be smooth with no visible welding marks.

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