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What is the existence of stainless steel honeycomb decorative panels

by:Topson     2022-09-05

Due to various factors, the price of stainless steel honeycomb panels in the market will vary. What is the existence of stainless steel honeycomb panels in the market? Stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturers give you a good reputation.

The thickness and finish of the stainless steel panel will have an impact on the price, not to mention the material. The prices of stainless steel plates of different materials such as 201/304/316 are also different. The stainless steel honeycomb decorative panel is a stainless steel honeycomb panel with a high-strength stainless steel plate as the upper and lower panels and a cold-pressed aluminum honeycomb core. It is a product of decorative materials, including fire prevention, environmental protection, noise prevention, thermal insulation composite structural materials, hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum foil microporous, breathing honeycomb panel, and aluminum foil core with aluminum honeycomb panel structure and honeycomb structure as the sandwich. This is a major achievement of human bionics, greatly improving the service life and weight of stainless steel honeycomb panels.

These places usually use stainless steel honeycomb decorative panels?

1. Indoor and outdoor curtain wall decoration of public buildings

2. RV interior and exterior decoration

3. Yacht interior

4. Ship interior decoration

5. Subway curtain wall decoration

6. Elevator interior decoration

7. Gymnasium

8. Cinemas and other places

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