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What is the difference between steel grating and stainless steel checker plate?

by:Topson     2022-11-01

What is the difference between steel grating and stainless steel checker plate?

The steel grating is the original plate made of negative flat steel and twist steel arranged at a certain distance in warp and weft. The checkered steel plate is a steel plate with raised (or depressed) patterns on the surface. It is also called reticulated steel plate, which is a steel plate with diamond or ridges on its surface. The pattern can be a single diamond, lentil or round bean, or two or more patterns can be appropriately combined into a combined pattern plate. The main function of the checkered steel plate is to prevent slippage and decoration. The comprehensive effect of the combined checker plate in terms of anti-skid ability, bending resistance, metal saving and appearance is obviously better than that of the single checker plate. If the steel grating is compared with the patterned steel plate, the steel grating has the following advantages: the steel grating is lighter in weight than the patterned steel plate, has a large strength, a large bearing capacity, and is economical in material saving, ventilation and light transmission, modern style, beautiful appearance, non-slip safety , Easy to clean, easy to install, durable and other advantages, steel grating products can be manufactured into steel ladders (stair treads), tree pool covers, ditch covers (ditch covers)

and other products. There are several differences in the design and selection of steel grating and stainless steel checker plate:

1. When the device frame is a steel structure, a steel grating platform and steel grating steps are generally used;

2. The equipment operating platform generally adopts the checkered plate platform;

3. The walking platform of the building generally adopts the treaded tread;

4. When the equipment and piping in the frame are dense, the steel grating platform should be selected;

5. When the floors are required to be waterproof, the checkered plate platform should be used;

6. When equipment and pipelines need to be overhauled frequently, steel grating should be used for the upper layer.

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