What is the difference between stainless steel transfer wood grain board and stainless steel film-co

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What is the difference between stainless steel transfer wood grain board and stainless steel film-coated board?

by:Topson     2022-05-01

Today's topic is what is the difference between stainless steel transfer wood grain board and stainless steel laminated board. On this issue, we first need to understand the process components between the two, and then we need to understand the application performance of decorative materials. Different scene applications have certain requirements on our materials. So let’s talk about the real difference between the two!

1. The difference between stainless steel transfer plate and stainless steel coated plate

On the surface, the two There is not much difference, the transfer plate can also achieve the effect of the film-coated plate. It's basically the same. However, in terms of effect and texture authenticity, the transfer version is far inferior to the stainless steel coated version, and the transfer effect is unreal and unclear, while the stainless steel coated version is covered with a layer of PVC film on the surface of the steel plate, with a vivid texture and bright color. , the bumpy after-effect. At this point, most customers will like to use steel plates as decorative materials. The basics are here. Let's look at the process, this process is also very different, one is through who transfer technology, the other is through high temperature bonding technology, in terms of cost, transfer printing is cheap. But in the long run, stainless steel laminates are still very cost-effective. That's why customers ultimately choose laminate.

2. The advantages of distinguishing the two according to the scene

Why use the scene to distinguish them. Because the popularity between the two can be judged by how many different scenarios are used. At present, we know that stainless steel laminates are used in the most scenarios: kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, and these ordinary customers are all extroverted, and they all take the high-end route. There are curtain walls, which usually appear more in high-end places, such as large shopping malls, clubs, hotels, hospitals, etc.! The transfer board encounters this kind of writing occasion, which is enough to explain. The breakout board is the low-end line. Therefore, we should measure the difference of materials according to the field of decoration and the final application of materials.

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