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What is the difference between embossed board and etched board

by:Topson     2022-08-28

Most of the time, embossed plates and etched plates are stainless steel products, but they are not the same. If you can correctly understand the specific differences, and know some of their characteristics, for future choices, There will also be more help, so everyone should know more information in advance, so that you will have a basis for making a choice.

Colored stainless steel etched plates are on the surface of stainless steel, through some chemical methods, and then engraved with various patterns, in the whole process of use, they can be partially drawn, or processed by other complex processes. During the entire application process, the overall pattern is light and dark, and the colors are relatively gorgeous, and there will be a relatively good decorative effect in the process of use.

In the process of using the embossed plate, a concave and convex pattern is made on the surface of the steel plate, which has a good finish, and also has a better viewing degree, which is more realistic and beautiful in the process of application. In the whole process, it has some better effects, and it is relatively durable, durable and wear-resistant, and the quality is better. It is also easy to clean and does not require maintenance. Generally speaking, it will be very good.

Both embossed plates and etched plates have their own advantages. During the selection process, we should correctly understand these specific aspects and be able to consider our own needs. Both are very beautiful, but in different places, there will be certain differences in demand, so when we choose, we should also consider what we need, so that after you make a choice, you can be more good application.

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