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What is stainless steel wood grain printing technology?

by:Topson     2022-04-27

As a new technology layer of stainless steel wood grain transfer board, it has become a technology with a certain market position. Involving hotel engineering, bathroom, cabinets, decoration, door industry, metal products and other fields. Many customers with special requirements need custom graphics and other surface treatment processes that cannot be achieved, so transfer printing is a good choice. If the heat transfer technology is used, the stainless steel wood grain board will be more perfect, with exquisite patterns, good corrosion resistance, UV protection, green environmental protection, no pollution, and color electroplating and titanium removal process. In the daily processing and production process, the two methods that are used more frequently are heat transfer and water transfer.

Thermal transfer production process:

1. First, make high-resolution patterns or text

2. According to the picture The size of the electronic engraving is made

3, and then the electro-engraving plate is installed on the printing machine and printed on the polyester film to form a thermal transfer pattern film

4. Thermal transfer pattern The film is installed on the thermal transfer equipment for printing

Stainless steel wood grain printing technology is a new method applied to the surface pattern of the plate in recent years. Pad printing is a modern printing technology. It is a method of transferring the graphics on the carrier to the surface of the workpiece with high pressure, so that the workpiece can realize various realistic materials and scenes, such as transfer wood grain, green, etc. Ceramic, fabric, watercolor, Chinese painting, calligraphy, painting and other material patterns can be realized by transfer technology. Transfer technology is usually divided into water transfer, air transfer, screen transfer, thermal transfer, full LD transfer, etc. Several categories, but the effect is the same, but the method is different.

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