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What is stainless steel wood grain board? What techniques are there?

by:Topson     2022-04-01

1. What is stainless steel wood grain board

We usually see more decorative boards related to the effect of wood grain boards, most of which are made of stainless steel for special processing on the surface. It presents a wood grain pattern. After special treatment, it not only has a wood grain pattern, but also can achieve a variety of wood grain effects that are very familiar with the wood color and very textured! We collectively call it stainless steel wood grain board.

Second, stainless steel coating process

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of technology in the stainless steel processing industry, With the continuous improvement of processing technology, we have been able to coat all patterns related to wood grain effects on stainless steel plates through high temperature lamination technology. The effect is not only real, but also widely used, especially in the kitchen and bathroom industry in the past few years. Recently, many stainless steel film-coated panels have been applied to curtain walls and interior doors.

3. Titanium etching process

According to the different processing requirements of customers, we can use the wood grain effect through printing and etching technology, first etch our wood grain and then carry out color plating craft. This kind of effect application is mainly used in the decoration industry.

Fourth, etching copper plating process

The copper plating process is basically familiar with the third point above, but after Z we choose the copper plating effect, not the titanium gold. There are two kinds of copper plating here, one is green bronze and the other is red bronze. The effect is very familiar with our real copper. Mainly used in the entrance door more.

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