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What is stainless steel transfer wood grain board and what are the advantages?

by:Topson     2022-04-27

I. What is stainless steel transfer wood grain board

Wood grain coated metal board is a new type of composite technology. Technology makes the material adhere to the new decorative material on the metal surface, we call it wood grain coated metal plate.

Second, recyclable and environmentally friendly

wood grain metal Laminated board, the base material is made of metal, and the surface layer is imported original film, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled and reused with low damage. We all know that metal materials have the effects of fire prevention, high temperature resistance, antibacterial, and moisture resistance in our later use process. These are incomparable advantages of other materials. This is one of the reasons why wood grain metal clad panels have become more and more popular in recent years.

Fourth, strong moldability

Wood grain coating The film metal plate not only has the decorative effect of wood grain, but also has various wood textures of solid wood, and has the advantages that solid wood does not have, that is, the moldability is not strong, and it is processed and stamped; Our curtain wall home ideas are everywhere.

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