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What is stainless steel partial etching plate

by:Topson     2022-12-09
The stainless steel partial etching plate belongs to the stainless steel etching plate, so what are the advantages of the stainless steel etching plate? Compared with the embossing process, the pattern of the stainless steel etching plate is more irregular, and the complete pattern such as landscape painting can be processed, and the decorative effect is good.

Stainless steel etched plate has strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, scrub resistance and strong machinability. After the stainless steel is etched, the surface of the object can be further processed.

How the stainless steel etched plate becomes a stainless steel partial etched plate, that is, the stainless steel etched plate can be processed by various complex processes such as partial and patterning, wire drawing, gold inlay, and partial titanium gold. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel partial etching plate is strong, especially the color-etched stainless steel after color plating, which can resist more than 10 years of salt spray corrosion and more than 30 years of ultraviolet light without discoloration. Therefore, in the long run, the cost performance of stainless steel etching plate is very high. , can help customers save a lot.

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