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What is stainless steel etched plate and what is the process?

by:Topson     2022-04-27

1. What is a stainless steel etched plate

What we call a stainless steel etched plate is to etch patterns on the surface of stainless steel. After etching, different patterns may appear. We have two pattern etching techniques. One is to use screen printing technology to print the pattern on the stainless steel surface. After the ink is completely dry, it is sent to the etching machine for etching. Another technology is to use exposure technology, the same principle we need to use the exposure principle on the pattern surface, and then etch!

2. Color stainless steel etching plate

In the stainless steel etching process, there are many different processing processes, the common color stainless steel etching process, in addition to pattern etching, this processing process, Mainly in color plating, such as titanium gold, black titanium gold, rose gold, etc. can be processed after etching!

3. Copper-plated stainless steel etched plate

The copper-plating process is also very common in China's decoration industry, mainly used for door-to-door, and there are many customers in the door industry. The stainless steel etched plate will be used for copper plating, mainly because of the good decorative effect, not the cheap price of real copper.

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