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What is stainless steel decorative plate and what are its applications?

by:Topson     2022-08-30

First, what is stainless steel decorative plate

Today, we will continue to tell you what is a stainless steel decorative plate, which literally means a decorative stainless steel plate. It is a stainless steel decorative plate with a decorative effect after special processing on the stainless steel surface, such as mirror treatment, wire drawing, sandblasting, etching, color plating, etc. So what applications does it have?

2. Elevator decoration application

Many of our customers are doing elevator decoration projects. The more successful ones are Beijing customers, Shanghai customers, and Zhejiang customers. They all use stainless steel decorative plates for elevator projects. The most used processing technology is mirror titanium stainless steel decoration. plate. Let's take a look at the elevator decoration application cases of our Beijing customers:

3. Application of decorative screen

The use of stainless steel decorative panels to make screens is also the choice of many customers at present. The decorative effect is not only noble and elegant, but also has various styles for reference. The application is more retro style! Let's take a look at the screen application cases of our customers:

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