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What is mirror titanium plate and what is the process?

by:Topson     2022-03-31

1. What is mirror titanium plate

The mirror surface is polished on the stainless steel surface and polished repeatedly to achieve the mirror effect. But after mirror processing, we will process titanium gold on the surface according to customer requirements, such as yellow titanium gold, rose gold, champagne gold, brown, brass, etc., no matter where it is used, it is a good match. The colors are bright and eye-catching, with a variety of varieties to choose from, and different mirror grades can be processed according to different purposes. What about surface treatment?

2. Mirror titanium plate wire drawing

Here we are talking about the mirror titanium wire drawing process, that is, after polishing, that is, after mirror treatment, we Insert titanium, and then according to customer requirements, we do surface drawing, surface chaotic, surface sandblasting and other processes. The final effect of different sand lines is also different. Different sand lines do the same titanium, and the final color is different. This is why some sand grains, also called mirror yellow titanium, are different, but the colors are also different, and some are even brushed in color.

3. Mirror Titanium Etched Plate

Etched plate is also a very popular decorative material in our market. After polishing, we will first print and etch on the surface, and then make the customer's desired pattern on the mirror stainless steel plate. On the basis of this pattern etching, we will make an electroplated titanium gold layer, which can be rose gold, coffee gold, brass, etc., and can be customized according to customer needs!

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