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What is brushed titanium plate and what is the process flow?

by:Topson     2022-04-26

What is brushed titanium plate and what is the process flow?

First, what is titanium plate

The so-called wire drawing is to produce a wire drawing effect on the surface of stainless steel, which can be carried out on 2B plate or 8K on the board. And this layer of drawing can have different effects, which means that the drawing can be thicker or thinner! It can be cross-brushed, cross-brushed, and overlapped, all in titanium.

Second, what are the processes for deep drawing of titanium plates

1. Ordinary titanium drawing process: The ordinary drawing here is the effect of direct drawing with fingerprint wire on the edge of the 1219*2438 plate.

2. Fine drawing titanium process: fine drawing is finer than ordinary drawing. The texture is clearer and more delicate, this fine brushed titanium will be more expensive than ordinary, and the decorative effect will be higher.

3. Cross pattern drawing process: This process is more popular among decorative engineers. The pattern is to make a cross pattern on the basis of the processing pattern, which has a superimposed effect. Mainly used for entrance doors, copper doors, titanium doors, etc.

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