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What is black titanium stainless steel plate and what is the color difference?

by:Topson     2022-08-30

In theory, a black titanium plate is a titanium plate with color and black. Also known as black titanium plate, the correct statement should be black titanium plate! Instead of black titanium plate, because Guangdong and Zhejiang used this kind of plate the earliest, they called it black titanium plate, and everyone followed. Of course, some people call this black titanium plate 'black skin' or 'black steel plate'. There are many sayings. Of course, no matter what we call it, we know what customers want. Anyway, although I know the customer is. But here we still have to pay attention to the difference between the two black titanium colors! for future communication with customers. Now I want to share with you the difference between these two colors!

1. Water-plated black titanium

Generally speaking, those who know a little about the stainless steel process should know that the black titanium plate has two colors of electroplating process. Here we talk about the water coating process. Now the 2b plate is polished and put into a black titanium pool to have a chemical reaction, so that the stainless steel surface is plated with a black effect. In this way, the color of the black titanium plate is very deep and the blackness is very high.

2. Vacuum black titanium

There is also a stainless steel black titanium plate process that uses a vacuum furnace, and the method is empty titanium coloring. The color of the black titanium plate prepared by this method is different from that of the water-plated black titanium plate, and the color of the vacuum black titanium plate will be lighter and brighter. The surface is a little grey and not that high. But this does not affect the decorative effect.

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