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What happens to the surface of the stainless steel wire drawing plate after polishing?

by:Topson     2022-04-17

What happens to the surface of the stainless steel brushed plate after polishing? Is there any color? The answer of the stainless steel wire drawing sheet manufacturer is that the surface of the stainless steel wire drawing sheet has color, but it is not red, yellow and blue in the traditional sense, it is a combination of texture and 'special metal texture like color'.

Stainless steel coils are divided into cold rolling and hot rolling according to the rolling method. Different rolling methods have different surface effects. The surface state of the stainless steel plate before polishing is 1D, 2b, Ba, etc.

Stainless steel coil surface drawing and polishing is a stainless steel surface treatment process, which refers to grinding and polishing the surface of 2B and Ba coils with special equipment to obtain the desired surface effect.

Stainless steel has high toughness and strength, so it is necessary to add corresponding lubricating medium (water) and softening medium (acid, lime) when polishing the surface. After grinding and polishing, the oxide layer on the surface of the original silver-white and gray-white stainless steel coil is removed to form a certain 'surface texture'

These 'textures' are: short filament (No. 4), filament (HL), lotus Patterns, mirrors (6K/8K/fine 8K). The 'color' of the first three textures can be described as 'metallic'. The surface of the mirror stainless steel plate is like a bright mirror.

Different 'metallic texture-like colors' and 'bright colors' also have differences in light and shade. This is directly related to the different polishing processes, tools, accessories and machining methods. When the stainless steel plate is dry ground and polished, the surface roughness is larger, the silk thread is brighter, and the overall color change is more obvious than that of oil grinding.

There is no unified name for the surface color of stainless steel wire drawing board and mirror polished board, only traditional names. The above-mentioned brushed sheets and mirror sheets refer to sheets without any reprocessing. If it is a stainless steel plate with vacuum titanium plating on the surface after drawing, its surface color can be flexibly adjusted, mainly yellow, black, blue, rose gold.

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